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I love this puzzle collection. It really gets your mind working on some of them. I was a little sad when I finished the last one because I enjoy them so much.


Absolutely perfect implementation of this excellent logic puzzle, with a very attractive and responsive user interface.


Help!!! im stuck on 56. the hippo!!! suggestion?!?!


Fun, addicting, and it makes you think! 60 puzzles of increasing difficulty makes this last awhile too. I only wish there were more!


This is an interesting logic-spatial puzzle. I am enjoying it.

Fun but crashes on iOS5

Very fun and simple to learn puzzle game. It gets a lot harder in the bigger levels.

Loved it

My first time looking at puzzles of these types. Greatly enjoyed the puzzle part, so much so that I bought another masyu app by the same people. The interface leaves a little to be desired, especially on the larger boards, but I'm essentially asking the game to be more psychic, so it doesn't hurt the rating much.

Compared to Nikoli paperback Masyu books...

... the quality of the puzzles generated by this app is very low. One thing that mystified me is that "easier" boards have fewer circles and "harder" boards have more. This is backwards. The more circles that are given on the board, the more you know about the loop. Easier boards should have more circles than harder boards, not less. Predictably, the further I went along in this app's puzzle progression, the easier the puzzles became. Granted, I'm pretty sure Nikoli publishes handcrafted board designs, and this app probably generates them programmatically, but nonetheless this is quite a comedown for someone (like me) who is spoiled on good human-designed Masyu boards. [Whoops, I forgot that the 60 puzzles in this app are fixed, not generated. Oh well, more's the shame that they aren't designed well.] My recommendation: Skip this app, unless either (a) you're truly desperate for Masyu on your device or (b) you don't care about the dollar price tag.

Fantastic game

I love it!!

Worth a buck

But once you finish all the puzzles it's over. How about an update.

Cheap, fun, and addictive

I've played through all 60 levels, and I'd gladly pay for more. The rules are pretty simple, once you get them, but the puzzles get pretty complex. Fortunately, they start out pretty easy so you have time to get the hang of it before the harder levels come. I ended up devising rules, as when playing Sudoku, to determine which line segments had to be part of the solution. In the end, those rules were enough to solve all the puzzles - but the later puzzles were big enough to keep the game challenging. Hot tip: you can resize the board by pinching; this is essential for playing on the larger boards. If this is documented, I didn't remember it (:

Deceptive in its simplicity

Very challenging game of skill. It forces you to really think through each puzzle, even the one that seem easy. Some of the more difficult ones border on being tedious, but it stays fun throughout.

Very fun!

I was hesitant to purchase this game because it had no reviews and I had never heard of it before, but I'm glad I did. The puzzles were challenging enough to entertain me and once I remembered the rules, it only took me a few tries to get them. Lots of fun and worth every cent!

Great puzzles, great design

Masyu is a fun puzzle game well designed and built. Controls are easy, and the puzzles progress well from easy to hard. Brilliant.

only 60 puzzles blah

ok I'm desperate so got this puppy and happy I did. We really need someone to come out with Masyu with unlimited puzzles or say like 300 or 400 though. I think I'm stuck at level 43 or is it 44 can't remember. I can't solve it using 100% logic. I can easily solve it with trial and error but refuse as Masyu should be 100% logical solvable. Still decent controls.

Excellent game!

Well worth the $2 if you're into these sorts of logical games.

v.1.3 - Worth $2,but no replay value.

v.1.3 - A great puzzle game, but updates aren't adding much replay value. After you beat the initial 60 puzzles, I'm not persuaded to start over with the exact same puzzles, just to try out the new features. The game is pretty solid as it is, and doesn't need, more "bells and whistles".

Another great puzzler...

....along with Enigmo and Subway shuffle, which also show great imagination. This game will keep you occupied for far too many minutes each day. Like many great puzzles this one is easy to use and very intuitive. If you liked either of the above-mentioned games you will probably enjoy this one.

Try if you like Picross or Sudoku.

Several of the puzzles in this game cannot be solved without experimentation. There is a built in mechanism which allows one to try out lines without penalty. This game is great if you enjoy deductive puzzle games.

Great ...

Last update almost perfection, thanks!


Absolutely addicting game. Can't wait for more difficult puzzles to be released.

Wonderful stuff; have gotten tons of bus time fun out of it

I really love Masyu. Thanks for introducing me to it! It's great how, as you progress through the levels, you learn "moves" to get the puzzles done faster even as they get harder. I withheld the 5th star for two little reasons: 1) when the update came out, it made me drag instead of just touch. I really got used to the touching, and still have trouble with the dragging (fyi, I'm only on, I think, game 49 and I know they get smaller, but right now I don't zoom, so that might be a factor as to why I don't like the dragging). 2) In the new interface, for some reason it's not obvious to me visually (as I'm scrolling through the list of puzzles) as to which one I'm currently working on.

Excellent logic game, simple and elegant graphics. Custom levels please!

This is a great game to work the noggin. Great buy. I both love and hate that there isn't a 'hint' button. Having finished the game, I would love to see more levels. The ability to create and share levels with other players would be incredible.


more please! even willing to repurchase for 60 more and have only completed 52... =) =) =)

excellent logic puzzle

Finally finished it, and I wish there were 60 more puzzles to keep on going. Great puzzle game, and truly a logic puzzle if that is the sort of thing you're into.

Great Puzzle Game

This game is a really solid puzzler, and a bargain to boot. Highly recommended.


Killer - I need more!!!!!!


Fantastic product

Great game!

Buy this game! You won't regret it!

Clever game, good implementation

I was at first a little frustrated with this game, as I couldn't figure out how to draw lines reliably. If you press in the middle of a square and expect your line to be continued, the results are pretty much random. Instead, press on the top, bottom, right or left side inside of a square and you're all set. Once the line- drawing is no more problem, you'll notice the game's thoughtful implementation. You can navigate between the different puzzles and save checkpoints (as you become more experienced this will become handy, trust me). It takes a couple of puzzles to get the hang of it, but eventually this game becomes addictive!

Simple Rules and Tons of Fun

I love this puzzle game. It took me a couple of minutes to get the hang of it and then I was hooked. Great interface. Two suggestions: - Please add more puzzles (60 is not enough). - Please add the ability to keep track of different people's progress through the levels (I keep having to erase completed levels so my daughter can play). :) Overall, very well done and one of my favorites on the iPhone.


Well executed and fun! Now please make me a nurikabe game -- I'm addicted to that one, too. :)

Awesome Game!!!! A++++++

I've been buying and downloading a bunch of games and I have to say this is my favorite one out of 'em all!!!

Great Game

This is one of the best puzzle games i've played so far on the iPhone, the rules are a bit tricky when you first start but once you understand it the game is very fun. I would definitely recommend this app for anyone who likes puzzle solving, but it does get very tricky in later levels so beware!

Very Addictive - I want more!

If you like puzzles games, you can't pass this one up. The first simple puzzles help you learn the rules. As you become familiar with the rules, the games increases in difficulty at a reasonable pace. It's not too simple or too difficult to progress to the end. I've finished all 60 puzzles and I'm wanting more! Hopefully, there will be a Masyu II where you can download additional puzzles. Definitely worth the price!

Phenomenal Puzzle Game

This is the first paid app I have tried on my iPhone, because I am a tightwad. But the game was worth every penny (and maybe more)! It's fun, challenging, and relaxing. Really the perfect kind of game for this platform. The only additional things I could hope for would be nicer graphics (something peaceful in the background, perhaps) and a "next puzzle" button that appears upon a successful solution, so I don't have to go back to the selection screen to advance. Minor things. I'm enjoying this game very much.

The best kind of game

Cheap, fun, no frills, intelligent puzzle solving with a great difficulty curve. Auto-saves if you leave a solution in progress, and has been very addicting so far. Well worth the money.

Great Puzzle Game

Beautifully simple, and wickedly challenging at times. Would love to have pinch/zoom for some of the larger levels. My fingers are too big. [Update] What a maroon! Pinch/zoom is already there! I don't know how I overlooked it.

Increasing Difficulty Engages Your Brain - Invisibly

I bought this game to support the developer as a friend and co-conspirator. I wasn't sure if I'd really play it. However, just today, on the train, I went to send an email and Masyu was up. 30 minutes later, I realized I was 10 levels from where I started and was enjoying the interaction. It keeps you engaged and the user experience is solid. Grab it! You'll get much more than $2 of value from it. Once you finish 60 levels, you WILL have a new skill. Take it to parties. Show it to friends. Stars: 1. for introducing me to a new game 2. for making sure I follow the rules 3. for no buggy code 4. for intuitive use of iphone features 5. increasing level of difficulty / engagement

Fun game, needs better controls

Masyu is one of my favorite types of puzzles, and this is a nice collection of 60 of them. My only criticism (and the reason for the 4-star rating) is the controls. I would much rather be able to draw a single continuous line by dragging and require 2 fingers to scroll the board. Aside from that complaint, this collection is definitely worth picking up, especially for the low price of $2.

Great, simple, challenging and addictive puzzle game.

I'm really enjoying this game so far. Then puzzles are challenging but remain fun. I also like the fact that its not time-based, so its easy to just pick and it and put it down whenever you need to. The rules are fairly simple; just make sure to read them before you get started and you'll pick it up in no time.

Addictive, Fun and Good for the Brain

I love logic and puzzle games, but I hadn't come across Masyu before. What a great game! The rules of the game are elegant and simple to learn, and there is exactly one solution to each puzzle. The puzzles start out fairly easy so you can get the hang of how to play, and they gradually become more challenging as you progress. You can skip around to different puzzles if you want to, and the game saves your progress for each puzzle that you've worked on or completed. The user interface is simple and clean, and maps very well to the touch screen on the iPhone. You can also use the familiar iPhone "pinch" to zoom in and out for some of the larger puzzles later in the game. When you successfully solve a puzzle, the board turns green and cues up the next puzzle. While Masyu doesn't use 3D graphics or the fancy accelerometer feature on the iPhone, it doesn't need to - those things would just get in the way. Rather, Masyu's appeal is in its simplicity and in its ability to make you think. And once you start playing, it's hard to put down. Of the handful of games I've bought since the App Store opened, this is the game I've played the most, by far. I'll try some of the other games again, but first I just want to finish one more puzzle...

Great puzzle game

This puzzle game is a great mix of logical thinking and problem solving It has a great interface, and when you finish a level and tap puzzles to select the next one, it intelligently selects it for you. It's a fantastic value, considering you get 60 puzzles when you buy it.


Logic puzzles that are simple to pick up yet take thinking to solve. Checkpointing so you can backtrack. Saving progress when leaving the game quickly via the home button. Above all, addicting gameplay. Sounds good to me!

An excellent logic puzzle for folks on the go, at an attractive price.

Like many puzzles of this type, the game has very simple rules, and the first few puzzles are fairly easy. They then become progressively more challenging. With 60 puzzles included, there is a great deal of entertainment value here. Example play movie on the start screen and clear instructions just a tap away make it easy to understand how to use the program, all inside the device. Zoom and pan make it easy to work on the larger, denser puzzles. Puzzles are saved, completed or not. This is the perfect kind of game for a commuter or anybody who wants to fill small spaces of spare time. Set the puzzle aside any time, and come back to it later.

Deceptively simple, yet a good exercise for your brain

If you enjoy playing Loopy in Puzzle Maniak, this is a good game for you. There's just a couple of simple rules to follow to complete each of the 60 unique puzzles, but good visualization skills are needed to arrive an the single unique solution. Each puzzle gets progressively harder to solve, so it's easy to learn, yet challenging as you progress thru each puzzle. The user interface is well-designed, and allows you to save "checkpoints" as you progress thru the game. The only missing feature is a button to show you the solution if you get stuck.

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